Samsung WB350F Smart Camera User Manual and Review

Wednesday, August 19th 2015. | Samsung

Samsung WB350F Smart Camera User Manual and Review

Samsung WB350F

Samsung WB350F Camera User Manual and Review – Samsung WB350F camera equipped camera resolution of 16.13 MP that has a beautiful picture quality though in some light conditions. In addition the optical zoom capabilities up to 21 x, users were able to take a photo or picture in detail and quality ever awake.

As digital cameras that fall into the ranks of smart camera, Samsung camera WB-350F this has been supported by such as Wi Fi connectivity so it can make its users post photos directly to their social networking accounts through the digital camera.

Samsung digital camera is designed with an attractive color wrap where the dent in his body could put you fingers on the buttons that snugly. Not only that, this camera body shape is very sturdy,

Available with several variants of color that is the color of white, black and Brown that can give you a stylish impression.

With a digital camera you can share a variety of expressions using the provided camera connectivity is WiFi connectivity. The presence of WiFi on a digital camera this will make you more easily in uploading files to social media or social networking into the ye.

It comes with a responsive touch screen so it can make its users can easily move photos quickly. Equipped also with the inremote viewfinder mode which can make the user controls his camera from Samsung smartphones are his favorite.

Digital camera Samsung WB-350F this has such a powerful zoom with zoom as far as 21 x can help users to take or capture the image is clearly from a distance. Not only that, with a thickness of only having size is 2.5 cm.

In terms of shooting, the camera has been equipped with various modes like other digital cameras, for example, just the kind of mode neutral, portrait, standard, landscape, auto up panorama.

This camera has gained ISO from 80 to 3200 and smart auto shutter speed. These cameras offer high resolution is 1920 x 1080 so as to make its users record moment with quality of Full High Definition.

Features on digital cameras Samsung WB0350F is similar to smartphones in general are where users can instantly send photos or pictures that have been taken is through connection WiFi.

In addition, this feature also for you who love to travel together with his friends, then it goes without using the camera or take pictures using many cameras because you can instantly share your photos after capturing those memories with friends and family loved.

Samsung digital camera has an LCD screen with a width of 3 inches that is able to display an image that is very sharp, so the photos look more alive. Moreover, it can make you more easily do framing and do the settings menu.

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